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It's Summer...

posted Jun 2, 2010, 8:36 PM by Customer Service
So it's hot - your lawn doesn't grow as fast as it once did. What now? Well, summer means that people aren't having as much done now that spring has passed. That also means great deals on hardscapes and lighting.

Why not get the cheap stuff from Lowe's? The super cheap lighting systems will likely have numerous issues within the first year. I've been there/done that. So, in my opinion, no lights are better than crappy lights. Likewise, if you're going to install lighting, do it right the first time.

We can install a system that has a lifetime warranty on the transformer and lights. That means the lighting not only looks good when you put it in, but stays in good condition, becoming an investment for your home. If you do a copper system, the patina effect is quite beautiful.

Halogen lights offer the most versatility, as both wattage and angle of light can be adjusted (from 12 degrees to as much as 60 degrees). Using a small degree enables you to emit MORE light (candlepower) with LESS wattage than most bulbs with larger degree numbers. Most typical is the 36 degree.

LED lights are much more efficient, but also costly by comparison to the halogens and not nearly as versatile. It will not be long, however, until the LED's offer the angle and light intensity variations of the halogens. Until then, only go with the LED's if you would prefer to spend more green to shave a little off their already minimal electrical costs and you don't mind reduced versatility by comparison to the halogen systems.