Landscape Design Services

Undoubtedly, Landscape Design is the foundation of our company. We believe the installation is only as good as the design, and the quality of future maintenance of the landscape is dependent upon the quality of the installation. Plants are pulled from wholesale suppliers all around the county and even as far as Oregon, to make sure you have a beautiful design and a unique, reasonably priced installation. The steps we follow for our landscaping design services installation are as follows. We offer coupons for our interactive design services via our coupons link in the landscaping menu navigation bar.

  1. Meet with the customer. 
    • I need to get an idea of what you like. I could develop an infinite number of beautiful designs for your house, but I believe it is imperative that the customer's tastes are considered first and foremost.
  2. Getting Started
    • I begin by giving you a general idea of what I envision for your landscape to make sure we are on the same wavelength.
  3. Design
    • After agreeing to design proposal, I will design your landscaping using cutting edge technology that will show you exactly what your end result will look like.
  4. Final Design
    • You may want to make a few modifications to the plan, at which point I will make those changes. Your end result will be a computer generated rendering of the end product, as well as a blueprint.
  5. Installation
    • To ensure proper installation, you can have Prestige Landscape Management install your plant material or do any other gradework/ landscape lighting, etc. If you want to do the installation yourself to save some on costs, we can also offer you a good price on plants delivered. You will be provided with a total installation cost proposal.
  6. Maintenance
    • Prestige Landscape Management uses special organic fertilizers for shrubbery that will ensure healthy growth. We also use proper pruning techniques to maintain the original vision of the design.

Heather DeDona

Heather hired Prestige Landscape Management, LLC as a Landscaper in 2008 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Phillip is an artist when it comes to design. He carefully thinks out placement and color. He asks for feedback so he knows you are getting the results you want. He is very knowledgeable about plants, flowers, where they will thrive, and how large they will grow. The transformation to my yard is truly amazing and I am looking forward to watching it grow. Several neighbors have stopped to comment on the improvement! Phillip is also very easy to work with, he polite, personable, and trustworthy. I have used Phillip to do work on homes I have listed and he takes care of my sellers needs quickly! Thanks for a job well done!” May 21, 2009