Summerfield, North Carolina

Summerfield is a remarkable little suburb of Greensboro, NC. It has a small town, relaxed feel, while being only a few minutes away from the city. At Prestige Landscape Management, we build our business around being more meticulous than any other landscape and lawn care company. The beauty of using such a competent company is that we can lay-out an auto-CAD design, put it in a 2D view, install the landscaping, and then maintain it. Our customers love the simplicity involved in working with us. For our maintenance agreements, we recognize situations (such as shrubs infections, etc), treat it, and e-mail the customer to inform them of the actions taken to remedy the situation, often times with the response "thanks, I hadn't even noticed anything before you mentioned it". The bottom line is you have an intelligent spin to your lawn care and landscaping that let's you 100% enjoy your time at home without any need to be concerned about your landscape. We love the atmosphere of Summerfield, NC and have many satisfied landscaping & lawn care customers in the area. There are few companies that remotely compare to the level of service we offer. Call 336-803-2825 today for a free estimate.